Holiday Season Direct MailThe holiday season is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: shopping, deals, promotions, and exclusive offers that we all want to know about. But how do we find out about these offers? Getting these offers is one thing–but how we receive them, is another.

We are so used to getting our email inboxes full of marketing and advertisements from local companies, but there is something about email distribution that lacks a personal touch. Businesses who choose direct mail to engage with their customers this holiday season will see a much better turn out. Direct mail still provides that personal touch that other marketing campaigns still don’t have. While it seems most of the population has turned to emails and online coupon clipping, studies have shown that actually 47% of U.S. households still read catalog, and only 19% discard without reading.

Direct mail marketing is still an important piece to any business, as your promotions, advertisements, and specials make into the hands (literally) of the people that count. Here are ten tips you should consider when setting up your direct mailing plan this holiday season:

1. Use Graphics & Color to Stand Out

When your company’s promotions gets into the hands of your customers, you want to be able to grab their attention. Words are important but so are visuals and colors. Beautiful graphic design¬†will be memorable and attract response.

2. Personalize as Much as Possible

How special have you felt before when you receive a “birthday promotion” from your favorite coffee shop in the mail with a free drink? It’s pretty rewarding and makes a person feel thought of. Condsider your customers. What are your subscribers’ names? Be personal and let them know you care–especially during the holiday season.

3. Make the Offer Clear and Promiment

It’s the holiday season and people are looking for that one great offer to set you apart from other companies. Make your exclusive offer to them bold.

4. Get Your Customers Excited

Don’t be boring with the copy or graphics. It’s the holiday season, after all. Offer them special coupons and free items in addition to the deal. Your customers want great deals, not plain advertisements filling their mailbox.

5. Use a Contest to Get Your Readers Involved

Who doesn’t like a good contest? People love to get involved with things they can win–and during the holiday season, that drive is even more energetic. Your customers will love a good interaction! This also gets them excited for your other promotions during the holiday season.

6. Plan and Prepare for Months at a Time

You want to be ready for the craziness of the holiday season. Scrambling last minute to arrange your mail listings will be tough on business. The holiday season almost seems to begin well before Halloween, so a good time frame to start preparation for the busiest months of the year is mid-late September.

Be prepared to continue your holiday season direct mail throughout Janurary, too. This is prime time for you to get people wanting your after-holiday sales on products and services.

7. Put Yourself on the Mailing List

Might seem odd, but it’s actually a good idea to see what your customers are seeing in the mail. In the unfortunate event you might find a mistake with an offer or copy, you’ll be one of the first to know. It’s a way to catch mistakes fast and learn from them.

8. Use a Direct Mail Marketing Service

It’s hard to do it all on your own. Looking to a service that can help you package, envelope, and distribute your direct mail will help you in the long run. These companies can also aid in the data management and printing process.

9. Print in Bulk, Take Advantage of Lower Printing Costs

The more you print, the less you’ll likely spend. Especially during the holiday season, you’ll need all the promotional time you can get. Print in large quanities and prepare to send out mass direct mailings to your customers.

10. Don’t Mail All in One Day

It might be a good idea to print in bulk, but not such a great strategy to mail in bulk. The holiday season is a fast-space time, but mailing in large quantities all at once will delay your mailing process. Have a plan to mail in steps. Split up your mail lists and take it slow.

This post was provided by Extend Your Reach, helping businesses with their integrated marketing solutions, from mailing, design, print, and more.

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