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The process of investing in stocks and watching them increase or decrease can often be quite stressful, especially to those new to the stock market. It’s almost like people wish they could practice buying stocks. Interestingly enough, there is actually a simulator that has been created which reproduces settings similar to the current stock market.  [ Read More ]

Throughout history, many forms of money have existed. They range from precious metals to conch shells and from rice to paper currency. In all of human history, there have been a total six types of money. The first to exist was commodity money. This included precious metals, barley, large stones and shells. This was in  [ Read More ]

All together, there are a total of sixteen different types of banks internationally. The most common ones we use and hear about are commercial banks, community banks and credit unions. Let’s explore credit unions and what they entail. Basically, a credit union is a financial cooperative owned by its members. It is controlled by a  [ Read More ]

College is a time when students often rack up loans, work part time, and try to save money. However, the desire to live a little and buy fun things can make saving difficult. Students also start thinking about building credit so they can make important purchases such as a house or vehicle after graduation. The  [ Read More ]