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Tough times come when you can no longer bear the pains of heavy debt. At times, it becomes like swimming in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks. We know that you may feel a little creepy with this example, but it is true, many went through difficult times such as these. As you  [ Read More ]

Have you ever wondered what it costs to run a presidential campaign?  …ever thought about the dollars and cents (non-sense?) that go into procuring a win…or even a single vote?  It’s pretty shocking to see the amount of money flowing around to win this office.  What else could be done with this money?  What other  [ Read More ]

Henry Ford must be smiling. After decades of outsourcing manufacturing, engineering, and other responsibilities to suppliers stateside and in low-cost regions, The Big Three automakers are beginning to bring sub-assembly back in-house. Beginning in 2008, Ford Motor Company — the birthplace of Henry Ford’s vertical integration manufacturing model — was the first to take back  [ Read More ]