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One factor shared by all startups and growing small businesses is a need for capital. The more successful a company is after its launch, the more capital it will require. The nature of all business is that growth consumes cash, and fast growth consumes cash fast. Debt, equity, or combinations of both are used to  [ Read More ]

Have you amassed enormous credit card debt?  Are the bill payments becoming unmanageable?  If this is the case, then you may consider settling credit card debt.  However, it is not always that easy to settle my debt.  You may decide to use a debt settlement company which can help you restructure your credit card debt  [ Read More ]

Government bonds were originally created in the late 1600s to cover government expenses and fund wars, paying back funds with a guarantee. They were considered risk free bonds because the government can add currency or increase taxes to redeem them, which gives a sense of security that the bond is effective no matter what happens.  [ Read More ]