4 Benefits to Staying in a Cabin vs. a Hotel

Posted by Leland On September - 13 - 2016 0 Comment

Traditionally, when someone thinks of taking a vacation, that concept runs parallel with the question “Which hotel are we staying at?” For the most part, hotels are all the same. If you really want to give your vacation some oomph, here are 4 reasons why you should opt for a multi-room cabin instead of a one-room hotel.

1. A unique stay

You’ll never experience the fullness of a destination when stuffed into a cookie-cutter hotel. Get out of the hotel and into a cabin, where the architecture, community, neighborhood, and natural surroundings most resemble the area to which you’re vacationing.


Enjoy a home away from home.

2. Your home away from home

Rental cabins are literally individual houses. You’re not stacked side-by-side next to strangers like in a hotel. For example, if you rent a cabin from Alpine Getaways in Crested Butte, Colorado, you’ll be fully immersed in nature and beauty–away from neighbors. Cabins also provide every amenity you’re used to at home: laundry machines, a full kitchen, privacy and, usually, a place for Fido, too.

3. Easier to book than you’d think

Once you had to jump through hoops to find and reserve a vacation rental. But thanks to online booking sites, booking a cabin is easier than ever.

Even sites like Travelocity and VRBO are on the bandwagon, now that cabin rentals are becoming more popular.

4. More for your money

Cabins give you the best bang for your buck. Not only are they usually kept up better than big hotels because they’re maintained by owners who have an immediate interest in their investment property, but you also typically get more square-feet per dollar you spend.

Cabins are ideal solutions for families or groups because, instead of booking multiple rooms and coordinating complicated “Let’s meet in the lobby at 9 a.m.” plans, cabins put everyone in the same place in the morning to begin the day’s excursions!

According to IndependentTraveler.com, when comparing a hotel to loft stays in Rome, Italy, they “found very few centrally located hotels offering rooms under $100 a night, but [found lofts and apartments] under that price on rental site Airbnb.com — most with kitchens, TV’s and washing machines.” No doubt you’ll find the same great deals whether you’re looking to escape into Rome or into the American wilderness.

If you’re looking forward to a vacation, book a cabin instead of a hotel. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you, and your wallet, with lots of room to stretch.

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