Budgeting for New Office Furniture

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Whether you are starting a new business or just deciding it is time to upgrade an existing office space, budgeting for new office furniture is extremely important. New office furniture can be a large expense and it is important to make sure you have worked it into your budget. Whether you get new or used furniture and the appearance and material of the furniture are all key features you must consider when creating your budget. Many banks and organizations, such as LEAP, will help you and your company create budgets to ensure you are spending your money in the right places. No matter what you decide, it is important that you stick to your budget after you have created it, otherwise you could be in over your head with expenses.

Deciding between new or used furniture is always a tough decision. It may seem like you are saving money by going for used furniture, but only to find out that you have to buy more furniture in a couple years because it didn’t last as long. For some companies just starting out, this is the better option, hoping that in 5 years when they have to buy furniture again, they will have larger profits and be able to afford better quality furniture. This is something that only your company can determine, but deciding whether to spend more money now to give your furniture a longer life is a very big decision.

The appearance of your office furniture is also another factor to take into consideration. The appearance can vary depending on what part of the office you are in and it is important to make note of that. If you have customers or business partners visiting, you will want higher quality furniture. This isn’t to say that your employees deserve lower quality furniture, but making sure your guests and business partners are comfortable can be the difference in a sale and a repeat customer.

About the Author: Mary is a guest contributor from Corporate Office Interiors, specializing in office furniture solutions for any workspace.


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