Why Businesses Should Adopt Text Messaging as a Tool

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Texting is often frowned upon in the office. We all think it’s distracting and useless in the workplace. Many of us think it doesn’t get any work done. Just as you shouldn’t use the work phone to make personal calls, you should avoid texting to send personal text messages, right? Well, sort of. The cell phone is much more useful than many of us imagine. If people are going to have their cell phones on them, it’s important that businesses make use of these devices for business reasons. And here’s how they can:

Text Reminders Are Efficient

Cell phones are modern day’s pagers. A majority of people now have smart phones given they are much more affordable than in years past. They are a great tool for reminders. As a sender, you could send up to a hundred messages to company employees if there’s an upcoming meeting or a last-minute change to a conference. Text messages are instant. There’s no outbox for them to sit, waiting to be sent to their recipients. People are notified almost instantly of any text messages, so communication is fast.

Sales Tools Are Important

If you have sales representatives as part of your business, mobile phones are great tools. Not only do they allow Internet access, text messaging can be useful for clientele or contact with partners. For example, if a client needs to know something that maybe another colleague has more information on, a quick text message is must faster than an email. Additionally, many sales platforms have their own mobile applications which allows for quick, easy-to-view client information and sales updates. Some of these platform incorporate text alerts, too.

Quick Communication is Key

As mentioned above, allowing text messaging allows you to have answers at your fingertips. Need to know something as soon as possible? Communication with a colleague who might be back at the office (or out in the field) could answer you faster than a phone call or an email.

Your Competitors Are Using Text Message Marketing

Believe it or not, your competitors are probably using text message marketing as a business tool. If you’re competitors are using it, it’s time you jump on the bandwagon. Stay on a level playing field. Make sure your employees have the means to communicate effectively not only with one another, but potential customers, too. Texting might seem like a negative communication tool (given it seems impersonal), but that’s changing.

Reach Out to Your Customers Faster

If you have a lengthy list of clients, utilizing texting can come in handy. In fact, many of your customers might enjoy texting over email or phone. It’s become the next generation communication tool. Most of your customers are millennials now. You should always ask before texting a client, but once that relationship is established, it can become a very handy, efficient tool for quick communication.

Allow Flexibility in the Work Day

Business hours typically range from 8 or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Text message marketing and alert messages give your client the flexibility to answer on their own time. Your customers also have work and other obligations, therefore they may not get to your message right away. A text message provides that flexibility, rather than having to answer a phone call right away or respond to an email before the day is over.

Mass Communication is Valuable

Have a quick alert to send out? A meeting change? You can easily send a text message alert to all colleagues with text messaging. It’s efficient, quick, and useful. Many people in business who overlook large groups may not have the time to communicate with every individual.

About the Author: Sam is a guest contributor from Extend Your Reach, providing email marketing, text message marketing, and digital solutions for marketing needs.


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