Capital assets have long lives and have the potential for large, costly mistakes. Therefore, capital planning is a necessary process for any company. Many business owners do not quite understand the necessary actions to take when developing a capital plan, so purchasing a capital planning software is a must. Below, we have listed 3 companies that distribute capital planning software, and some of the features they offer.

Capital Planning Software Companies


  • Allows Budgeting managers to send requests to be processed and approved, which will be sent to the income statement and cash flow reports
  • Offers a decision packaging allowing users to plan for capital improvement projects, grants, personnel additions and reductions, and expenses that require management approval. It is simply a budget request which can cover one or many years and includes capital, personnel, operation expenses and financing.
  • Users can create a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to set priorities and determine how financing will be allocated for projects


  • Helps develop short, mid, and long term capital plans for businesses to easily and effectively manage assets throughout their life cycle
  • Cost estimates for asset repair and replacement
  • Can be used by building managers to gather and store important information to develop an industry standard facility condition index
  • Has the ability to help catalog deferred maintenance and determine the component lifecycle of a building
  • Gives users the ability to set building component condition standards such as building space types, maintenance types, specifications, component classes, and component ratings
  • The component ratings and scores ensures that employees and contractors are abiding by the same criteria for assessments


  • EcoSys has developed capital planning software that allows users to create “what if” scenarios with the ability to change key inputs which can be analyzed and simulated
  • Users can create annual and multi-year budgeting plans depending on your specific goals and at what step of the process you are at
  • Users can create specific criteria for projects for inclusion in the program
  • Users can compare their companies expenditures to their budgets, forecasts, and goals

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