Cheaper Alternatives to Buying Souvenirs on Vacation

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Going on vacation allows great memories that travelers want to remember forever. Usually when travelers are on vacation, they purchase souvenirs for themselves and for their friends and family members. Souvenirs are a great keepsake and memory of vacations, but they can be very overpriced. Luckily, there are alternative ways travelers like you can capture the memory of your vacation without breaking the bank. With these alternative souvenirs, you’ll think twice about spending an average $20 on a souvenir t-shirt.

One inexpensive way to remember your trip is to document every day of your trip so you remember each moment. You can do so by keeping a journal specifically for all of your vacations, taking pictures, or even keeping a scrapbook for your vacation memories.

Another cheap way of keeping a memory of your vacation is to purchase postcards and mail them to your house. They are usually inexpensive, and they will be there around the time you arrive home. Another good thing about buying postcards as your souvenirs is that it won’t take up any room in your suitcase when you’re traveling home.

Another alternative to buying souvenirs is to collect ticket stubs to shows or events that you attended while on vacation. This could include anything from concert ticket stubs to play ticket stubs. This is an alternative to spending a lot of money on merchandise after the shows or events have ended. Seeing the ticket stub itself will allow you to remember what a great time you had at those events.

Beaches are one of the best areas to collect free souvenirs. There are many items you can collect on the beach to remember your vacation. Some of those items could include seashells, sea glass, sand, and even stones. One cool DIY activity is to collect samples of dirt or sand from the places that you have traveled to. Layer those sand or dirt samples, and label what location the samples are from. This is a cool way to take a collectable back from a memorable place. Now, whenever you go on a beach vacation, you can collect a sand or dirt sample as your souvenir to add to your sand collection.

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