Why You Need Cottage Insurance

Posted by Leland On August - 1 - 2018 0 Comment

Summers with days spent at the family cottage are fondly remembered for years to come; it is your home away from home. Just like your home, you need to protect it. With summer coming to a close, many are beginning to close their cottage for the year or going there more infrequently. Disaster can strike at any time, but it becomes particularly inconvenient when you are not there as often. Insurance companies like Arnouts Insurance Agency offer cottage insurance policies because they understand that things happen and that you want to protect your cottage for years to come. It is important to know if it is the right choice for you. To help you in your decision, here are some of the reasons why you need insurance for your cottage.


With the end of the summer also comes weather changes. If your cottage is right on the lake, there is the potential for weather damage from changing water levels. There is also the potential for various storms which can lead to down power lines and trees, as well as drainage. Later in the year when it begins to snow, there will be additional concerns such as leaks. It is important to look at the bigger picture here. Initially, the problem may be minor but due to the infrequency of your visiting, the damage could escalate quickly. Cottage insurance will provide some help with fixing the damages financially.


If a pipe freezes or bursts, the damage can be quite extensive. Again, there is the potential for it to get worse because the cottage will not be frequently used.  Water damage can be quite messy, not to mention expensive. Even if you take all the precautions for closing your cottage, sometimes things just happen. Showing up and discovering water damage is a nasty surprise that will add up quickly. Having the policy to help cover the costs will be a relief.

Vandalism and Break-Ins

Unfortunately, vandalism and break-ins are a reality that we need to deal with. A broken window or door can lead to the elements, critters, and bugs getting into your cottage. Your cottage is also a place of comfort; you spent time making it your second home. If someone takes a spray can to the exterior, you are going to want to get it removed. If you rent out your cottage to other people, this also comes in handy in case of any damages other people may cause. In the case of something being stolen, it would be nice to be able to replace your things with the least amount of money out of your own pocket.

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