Why Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

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Today’s There are sexier things out there than direct mail. You can build a website that will do everything but tie your shoes, or you can send out tens of thousands of targeted emails in a matter of seconds for next to no cost. Yet somehow, the old marketing dinosaur known as direct mail is still alive and kicking in 2014. So what is it that keeps this old relic relevant in the digital age?

Less noise

Login to your email account right now and look how much spam is in your inbox or in your junk mail folder. Count up how much you’ve gotten in the past day. The past week. Shocking, isn’t it? The amount of spam that piles up in such a short amount of time. Now go to your mailbox and see how much junk mail you received there. For most people your numbers won’t be close. Yes, you may have some items that don’t interest you, but with less noise you at least take the time to look over it. Contrast that with how much time a person puts into hammering the delete button when they buzz through their inbox.

According to HubSpot, only a hair over 25 percent of emails get opened. Contrast that with USPS data showing that at least 85 percent of direct mail being skimmed over before being discarded. The DMA (who no doubt has some skin in the game) had a similar study that said 79 percent of households read or skim advertising mail sent to their home. With direct mail you have a much greater chance of grabbing a potential customer’s attention, and that can’t be overlooked (see what I did there?)

It gets there

With the abundance of spam email over the years email programs and providers, as well as users, have become more and more sophisticated with methods of keeping their inboxes clean. Gmail in particular can do a number on marketing emails, and if users set up their own filters their could be a massive number of emails in a campaign that are never even seen to be deleted.

I’ve not yet met a person who has built this same functionality into their mailbox. A piece of direct mail will get to its destination and someone will have to take a look at it to decide if it’s worth paying attention to or if it heads to the recycle bin.

At the end of the day, marketing was, is and always will be a numbers game. Where email can certainly throw out a broader net, it will never have the ability to truly touch the customer like a piece of physical mail, and it can’t force a person to acknowledge its existence, there are too many ways to get around looking at an email, and for those reasons, direct mail won’t likely be going anywhere soon.

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