How to Go Out Financially Responsible

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BARSsAfter a long week of work and stress there’s nothing better than hitting the town with some friends for drinks and food. But where most of the focus is responsibly consuming alcohol, where is the discussion on financially responsibly going out? Even in a cheap place, a couple drinks and a meal can put a burning hole in your wallet. But with the peer pressure and excitement of the night, how can you still stay financially responsible? Here are some easy tips to stay financially responsible when going out.

1. Take Notes

You don’t have to make a spreadsheet or bring a pad of paper to the bar, but you should take a note of how much your spending on a night out. An easy way to do that is type a reminder in your cell phone or double check your banking app. Keeping count of drinks and snacks can help you balance your budget as well as your health.   After a night out add your total bill to get a ballpark estimate of what an average night out costs. This will help you compare night to night and  avoid being caught in the half off trap (See #3). 

2. Watch Out For Tips

Sometimes we forget that most things on a night out aren’t the face value price on the menu. Even a couple of domestic beers can rake up a high price once you’ve added on the tip. This is why going to multiple venues can be dangerous because tip counts can add up throughout the night.

3. Watch Out for 1/2 Off Nights

Most bars and restaurants have  foot-in-the door specials to help get customers in the building on weekdays. Be wary of these deals, even a half off night can pressure you into ordering more than you would on an average night. This can cause you to spend even more because it’s a discounted price, where in fact your’re spending more on total average.

4. Meal/Drink Packages Are Helpful

Many hybrid bar/restaurants or lodging places like the Ledges Hotel will offer special wine and dine packages. This will restrain the evening on one a singular spot but it will help keep the overall cost down for drink and food. Compare package prices to your overall budget average from tip #1.

5. Beware of Rounds

Have you ever said “next rounds on me”? This is a dangerous game in being financially responsible when your going out. If you have a large group buying a round for everyone will be expensive and not everyone will pay you back with a courtesy round later. Don’t do this with strangers or new acquaintances, at least with close friends you can remain accountable to have them cover the next time you go out. And NEVER buy the bar a round.

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