Are Ford ESP Warranties Transferable?

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Ford has seen quite a resurgence the past few years with more and more of their vehicles on the road. With an increase in sales comes an increasing number of vehicles coming to the end of their factory warranties. The increase in sales has also led to a resurgence in the number of people investing in extended warranty plans (officially known as “service contracts”) for some peace of mind when it comes to paying for repairs. While there are many options for service contracts, the official Ford version is known as the Ford Extended Service Plan (Ford ESP).

But while many people love their Fords, what happens when it comes time to sell the vehicle if it’s still under the extended warranty? Most consumers don’t know whether or not they can transfer the contract when they sell the car.

So? Is it transferable or not?

Yes. In fact, the plan is 100% transferable. The only slight catch is a transfer fee, which is usually around $75 but can vary from state to state.  This applies to all of the Ford ESP plans, including the Premium Care, Extra Care, Base Care, Power Train Care, and the Premium Maintenance Plan.

What’s the value?

The value in having an extended warranty for your Lincoln, Ford or Mercury is tremendous when it comes time to sell a used car. In fact, the number one reason that people buy used cars from dealerships is the ability to get an extended warranty. There’s some inherent risk in purchasing a used car, so having the assurance that many issues can be serviced for free or a minimal deductible under and existing service contract is attractive for the car buyer, and they’re willing to pay extra for that peace of mind.

So, if you’re selling the car yourself, be sure to add in a prorated value for the service contract and add the details of it in any advertising you do on Craigslist or any other advertising you do. It WILL make a difference in your ability to sell the car and in the eventual selling price.

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