As winter presses on and we start feeling those first bitter gusts of wind, we know what we need to do: Prepare for cold weather. Of course, this includes a change of wardrobe, winterization of our cars, and outdoor tasks around the house. However, the most important asset we need to prepare for harsh, cold weather is the very house we live in. For those wanting to conserve energy and stay toasty warm for the rest of winter, take a look at the following list of tips. In completing these tasks you will not only stay warm, you’ll save money as well.

Make sure to seal your doors and windows
Take a walk around your house with a tube of caulk and fill any gaps or any entry points for ducts and pipes that pass through an exterior wall. Also, make sure to check for any worn weather-stripping and replace it. Check doors and make sure that the door sweeps are not worn. If they are, replace them. Lastly, don’t forget to winterize windows in the basement.

Run a check on your heating system
First, have a professional run a full check of your system before the cold weather hits. Make sure you have a new furnace filter in place and double check to be sure they are made by the correct manufacturer. Also, it’s important to clear out and vacuum your vents. Next, reprogram your thermostat with settings for winter. Make sure to set your thermostat no higher than 72 degrees when you’re home and to turn it down to 65 degrees when you’re sleeping or away from home. Your home could also benefit from a Wi-Fi thermostat where you can control the temperature even when you aren’t home.

Inspect your fireplace
Have a professional inspect and clean your chimney. If you don’t plan on using the fireplace, make sure you keep the damper shut tight to make sure warm air doesn’t escape from your home. Fireplaces are also a great resource for adding extra heat to your home so you can turn down the central heating system.

About the author: Inigo is a guest contributor from North Winds Heating and Cooling, a Lansing, Michigan heating and cooling company that specializes in furnace repair.

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