Improving a Selling Environment

Posted by Mikalah On September - 4 - 2012 0 Comment

Love may make the world go round, but sales does something important too. I don’t mean that we must all bow down to capitalism, and sales only occur in the corporate world. Selling can be as natural and basic as trying to get your own opinion across to your friends in casual conversation. We all do it: we all need to do it if we are to make any mark on the lives of those around us.

For such a natural skill that we use every day, it is hard to find many people who are particularly skilled at it. Especially in situations where you think people should be good at it. In the retail environment, for instance, the level of expertise does not necessarily have to be very high. How often have you felt that a salesperson was preventing you from buying rather than helping you? Let’s say you’re at the mall, looking for some Dickies pants in the store, and a salesperson runs up to you exclaiming their sale on polka dot umbrellas. They clearly had no intention of what you wanted to buy in the first place, and instead decided to inform you of what their manager most likely wanted them to be selling. You, most likely will be on your way to the door and headed to their competitor.

But things must certainly be better in the corporate sales environment, right? Where huge budgets are spent on training their sales staff. Quite frankly, no. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of sales training concentrates on things that are not essential to selling. This might sound a paradox but it’s true. Vast amounts of money are spent by large firms implementing sales processes that actually do little good in the long run, and are mostly a waste of time. That is not to say that all sales training sessions are a waste, but ones that funnel salespersons into a system of selling a product or service lead to unnatural conversations and mediocre results.

I’ll talk more about these things as I go along!

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