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Jim Leland is a full-time blogger. He is interested in a wide variety of topics such as food, travel, business, and pretty much anything else. He enjoys blogging because he enjoys gaining new information. He has said before that if he could be a student and learn forever, he would. He puts this passion into all of his blogs and tries to become an expert in every topic he writes.


Rebekkah is a university student, an incredible multitasker, and an extremely efficient shopper. If you can buy it, she can save money on it. That is why she enjoys writing financial blogs. She wants to share her wealth of saving and budgeting knowledge with the world. You can rest assured anytime she is writing a blog about saving money, she has about five other tabs open monitoring plenty of other deals.


Alfredo is a small business owner so he knows all about saving money. He enjoys blogging about businesses, especially small businesses, to help others start their dream business like he started his own. His real passion is baking, as he owns a bakery, but he enjoys helping others and that is what he uses his blogs to do. Alfredo prides himself on giving good advice and hopes you find it as helpful as he does.

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