Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers: Save Money on Gifts

Posted by Leland On December - 21 - 2015 0 Comment

It’s that time of year again where last-minute holiday shoppers scramble to find presents for their families and friends. Not only are shoppers looking for the top gifts of the holiday season, they are also looking for last-minute holiday savings. For those celebrating Christmas, you only have about four more days to shop around, or, to get started on that list. Some people even go as far to shop on Christmas Eve (if any stores are open). If you’re still looking for gifts this season (and also looking to save some cash along the way), we have some tips for you to try.

 Check for Deals Daily

Though we’re now in the week of Christmas, that doesn’t mean deals have stopped. Several retail chains offer deals through Christmas Eve. Midwest grocery chain, Meijer, offers holiday deal throughout the month of December. Meijer offers random deal savings called, “Santa Bucks.” Though this holiday deal has already passed, Meijer offers continuous holiday deals. Check ads daily that you receive in the mail, and don’t neglect your email ads. Email ads can be annoying, but if you give them a chance, you might find a great deal!

Wait for an Item to Go on Sale

Patience can be a virtue. It’s difficult to do this, especially last-minute, but it can be done… with patience. If you see an item that you absolutely want to purchase for a friend or family member, but it’s not yet on sale, wait a day or so. Go back to the store the day before Christmas Eve and see if the price has come down. Some stores want to diminish their inventory before the year is out, so you can expect holiday sales now through the end of the year.

Looking for a Gift Card? Check a Local Gas Station

Gift cards may seem like simple, impersonal gifts, but people still appreciate them. Grocery stores and other retail chains sell gift cards for whatever value they price them at, or at the price you choose to pay. However, some local gas stations tend to sell their gift cards for discounted prices. Or, you can check a restaurant that you are planning to get the gift card from. They also offer promotions from time to time on their gift cards. If you’re looking for offers on gift cards and other gifts, check out Deal News.

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