Plan an Affordable Beach Wedding on Mustang Island

Posted by Leland On March - 14 - 2017 0 Comment
If you have dreamed of having your wedding on the beach, you might have thought of Mustang Island as being the perfect place. However, since this is the site of many very luxurious and extravagant weddings, you might assume that you will not be able to afford to have your wedding there. Luckily, there are various things that you can do to keep your costs as reasonable as possible while getting married in this beautiful area.

Have Your Wedding on the Beach Itself

First of all, even though many people plan on getting married on Mustang Island, they end up having their weddings at area venues rather than on the beach itself. However, you can actually get married on the beach without having to pay for a pricey venue. Depending on the beach that you choose, you may have to pay for permits, but these are generally affordable. You can skip the venue costs and can just rent a venue for your reception, if desired.

Consider a Wedding Package

Some people find that planning their own wedding is cheaper. In many locations, this is true. However, in the Mustang Island area, there are several wedding companies that will plan the entire thing for you for a very reasonable price. Then, you don’t have to worry about paying for each things separately, and you can ensure that your wedding is perfect and that you don’t forget anything. You can also take the stress of wedding planning off of yourself by leaving it up to a professional and focusing on having a good time. Just look for a company that offers multiple packages for you to choose from; you might be surprised by how affordable some of them can be, particularly if you are willing to keep things simple and if you don’t have a long guest list.

Keep Things Casual

Even though many people associate weddings with big, fancy dresses and tuxedos, you might want to skip the super-fancy attire for your Mustang Island wedding. After all, a simple white sundress for the bride and a pair of khakis and a button-down shirt for the groom can seem much more “appropriate” for a beach wedding. Along with being more casual, comfortable and fitting for your surroundings, this can help you save a lot of money on your wedding as well.

It is possible to have a wedding at Mustang Island, without spending a fortune. If you follow these tips, you might find that hosting your dream wedding at this popular destination is a whole lot more affordable than you thought. If you’re looking to stay on Mustang Island for your wedding or honeymoon, Mustang Island Vacation Rentals¬†offers vacation rentals right near the beach.

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