How To Plan An Affordable Destination Wedding

Posted by Leland On June - 23 - 2017 0 Comment

When it comes to planning your wedding day, it’s important that you have an incredible event that is everything you imagined. The destination of the wedding will determine the style and appeal of the event. When you want to have a destination wedding that is affordable, there are a few important tips to follow to save.

Cut Down Your Guest List
You can stay within your budget by cutting down on your guest list. Avoid inviting your co-workers, distant relatives, and acquaintances to the special day to keep it intimate and avoid spending more on the food and seating that is provided. Stick to only inviting your closest friends and family members.

Consider the Location
Several locations are incredibly beautiful and are affordable when you want to plan a destination wedding. Instead of getting married in St. Tropez or Paris, opt for planning a wedding that is just as romantic in a domestic location like Hawaii, for something warmer, or at Pine River Ranch Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Destination in Washington state.

Purchase an All-Inclusive Package
Many resorts and bed and breakfasts offer all-inclusive wedding packages that allow you to host your ceremony and reception on the grounds while obtaining plenty of accommodations. The all-inclusive packages will allow you to have everything you need for a flat rate and avoid spending extra money on the linens, food, and decor.

Choose the Right Time of the Year
Timing is everything when you want to save money on your wedding day. Avoid scheduling your wedding day during the holidays, spring, break, or the summer season when the cost of airfare and hotels are higher. Consider getting married during the fall season or on Valentine’s Day while paying a fraction of the cost for the services that you receive.

Plan Early
Booking your hotel and airfare earlier in the year will allow you to take advantage of lower rates. Booking airfare on a Tuesday can also allow you to obtain discounts compared to other days of the week.

Hire a Travel Agent
A travel agent can save you money and help you obtain discounts that you aren’t aware of during the planning process. Travel agents who specialize in the particular area where you’re hosting the wedding are often aware of the best hotels, transportation, and deals that are available. They can also help you to obtain better rates with airfare if you’re traveling in a group.

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