How to Plan an Affordable Wedding

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Today, the wedding industry does all it can to up-sell brides and suffocate them in overbearing fees and prices that are too much for a one-night ceremony and reception. Dresses usually cost thousands of dollars and the reception is always swimming in hidden fees and random prices. That doesn’t mean you should sell your wedding short though, either. It means that budgeting, planning and proper attention to detail are a must before you go signing your signature on all the checks and credit card reciepts.

Here’s how you can do it in just a few thousand dollars or less:

Make a Budget

Simple enough. Easier said than done though, right? Right. Budgeting isn’t easy, especially because it has a lot more to do with what you can’t have versus what you can–which is never a fun calculation to have with your significant other. There are always ways around that though (we’ll get into that more later).

Make sure you understand your finances, and what you can afford. Will you plan to pay off the wedding in chunks, or pay for it all at once? Obviously, this all depends on what services you choose for the wedding, but consider all your options. Honestly ask yourself the tough questions–do we really need a giant ice sculpture at our wedding? Or can we compensate for someting more practical and realistic?

That’s not to say you can’t have giant frozen swan as a centerpiece at your reception; this is just one minor example. Just remember, the day is really about the two of you, not the money or material things at the end of the day.

Be Your Own Wedding Planner

You don’t need to hire a person to follow you around and help you make decisions. The decisions are yours. You don’t need someone to hold your notebook and ideas for you. You can easily be your own wedding planner–and this is the fun part too. Look for alternative and inexpensive ways to have the perfect wedding on blogs, website, and the most popular, Pinterest. Use Pinterest to find creative ideas to make and craft centerpieces and decorations for your

The App Store also includes self-planning apps for your phone that can help plan your wedding.

Ask for Help

No one said you couldn’t ask for help on your big wedding day. Everyone has someone they know who can help out with a little bit of the planning. A bride was able to come in just under her $4,000 wedding budget, and she inquired the help of her friends and family. Her brother, a graphic designer, made the wedding invitations.

Friends and family can help out, and you’ll find more than likely, they’ll want to help out. Planning a wedding is fun, and you shouldn’t feel the burden of the cash flowing from your pockets.

About the Author: Kristy is a guest contributor for Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast, a castle bed and breakfast retreat, providing a romantic venue for weddings.

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