Planning A Small Wedding On A Budget

Posted by Leland On June - 13 - 2017 0 Comment

Small intimate weddings have become more popular with brides and grooms to be. Small weddings are budget friendly for people who would rather invite just close friends and family to their wedding. Destination weddings make great small weddings and make planning even easier too. Here are some budgeting ideas for small weddings.

Consider a destination wedding

Hotels and resorts often have deals for small weddings that include catering and venues for up to a certain number of people.┬áPurchasing these small wedding packages usually, allows you to save more money for the honeymoon or other parts of the wedding that aren’t included. A good example of cost-effective destination wedding venues is Buffalo, NY wedding venues. This uncommon destination is close enough to drive to for most states and is nearby popular attractions like Niagara Falls. The beautiful, historic setting is also great for a Spring or Summer wedding.

DIY the decorations

With fewer guests, you’ll have fewer tables to worry about decorating. Don’t spend an arm and a leg on professionally made decorations for just a few tables. DIY decorations are easy and can be a fun afternoon activity with friends or the wedding party. DIY decorations also allow you to completely personalize your wedding to match your colors and what you like. You could end up saving thousands.

Price out food

If your food isn’t included in the package, price out local caterers and vendors. Spending the time to price check food can save you a lot of money in the long run. A current trend is to rent food trucks for weddings and have the food truck’s food during cocktail hour and the main course. If your wedding is really small, consider having a family member cook the food themselves.

Nix the wedding party

Don’t have a wedding party if you’re having a small wedding. It will save both you, and your friends, money spent on accommodations, outfits, and gifts for them. There’s also less planning and rehearsing involved.

Don’t have a big wedding cake

Large custom wedding cakes can sometimes be fairly expensive and it doesn’t even get completely eaten. Toss around other dessert ideas such as cupcakes, donuts, or macaroons. You can even purchase a smaller cake that isn’t completely customized or have a friend who’s a great baker make the cake.

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