Prices of Auto Extended Warranties

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Lots of people ask about the real price of auto extended warranty plans. However, they should be prepared for a shock even if they expect to purchase from an A-rated extended warranty provider and have selected the most protection for the longest period of time. An extended auto warranty for three or more years can often be priced at over $3,000.

Car warranty quotes depend on their car’s miles, model, make and year. Before they start shopping, they should also have an idea of how many additional years they will be keeping their automobile and how many miles they drive annually. They should also make sure to jot down their vehicle’s identification number as the majority of warranty companies will need it.

The True Price

Aside from knowing the important facts above, people should make an estimated guess of the total cost of future repairs that they will incur in the upcoming years if they do not use an extended warranty plan. They should then subtract their figure from the overall price of the auto extended warranty that they are purchasing. Failure to do this will often mean paying repair bills in the hundreds or thousands when they do not need to.

Deciding to Sell or Trade Early

If they decide to sell their vehicle sooner than they have previously expected, people may transfer their extended warranty plan. This allows the new owner to experience the benefits of the policy’s remaining lifespan. It can also become an important tool in their effort to sell the vehicle for a competitive price.

They may cancel the time that remains on their policy if they decide to trade in their vehicle. This enables them to obtain a pro-rated refund that helps them reduce the total price of their extended auto warranty plan. They should also make sure to follow the process for both canceling and transferring what is spelled out in the policy. The majority of extended warranty companies have stipulations that should be followed closely.

Securing the Right Price

People should always negotiate for a better price. It does not hurt to try. If they are at their local dealership, they should begin by making inquiries about whether they offer a $500 discount. An individual should also not forget to tell them that they are aware of the many online deals.

This includes websites that are selling the same program at a more affordable price. Although they may not obtain the full $500 discount, people are positioning themselves for a discount that is near that figure. The majority of online sellers and dealers will often settle for a smaller profit.

A Common Situation

One of the common things that occur when an individual tries to secure an extended warranty for a much lower price is that their dealer will not give them a discount. People should always remember that they are playing the provider’s game when this happens. However, they should hold their ground.

Doing this increases their chance to obtain the price that they are looking for. If a dealer will not budge on their asking price, people should simply say no to their offer. In many cases, the same aftermarket or factory extended car warranty is offered online at a very affordable price. With a little effort and research, people will find the right car extended warranty at a price that they can afford.

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