How to Save for Your Dream Vacation

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Everyone has a dream vacation they have always wanted to go on. People dream about exploring the luxurious city of Dubai, riding through the African safari surrounded by elephants and lions, and even snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Those vacations are very expensive and could take a long time to save up for, but it is still possible to eventually save enough money. To be help you be able to afford the vacation of a lifetime, read through these steps to get you started on saving money for your dream vacation.

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The first thing you should do is plan out your entire dream vacation. Total up all of the expenses of the trip including the price of plane tickets, the cost of the city, and a little bit of spending money to purchase souvenirs. Research all about the area to see how much money you will need to vacation comfortably. Creating a graph to fill in on how much money you have saved so far will keep you motivated.

The next step is to think about how much money you are able to save from your paychecks. Look at your household budget and figure out if it is possible to pull out money to be saved. After figuring out how much money you can save from your paychecks, next you will want to create a separate savings account that is specifically for your dream vacation. Also, you might want to think about creating an automatic savings account through your bank so you do not have to remember to put money into your savings account.

After you created a system of how you will start to save money, now is the time to start thinking about alternative ways you can create income. An example on how to do that is to sell unwanted items at a garage sale. You can also sell things online that you do not use anymore to other people that they will use. For example, if you have a lot of clothes that you do not wear anymore, you can sell your clothes on websites and apps like Poshmark and Vinted.

Another tip to follow is to save your tax refunds instead of spending them right away. Big amounts of money such as that will add the most money to your dream vacation savings account.

There are other smaller ways to add more money to your dream vacation savings fund. Using a change jar is a simple solution, and saving change adds up more quickly than you think. Collecting and returning cans is another small and simple way to get more money.

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Saving money is difficult, especially when random expenses pop up out of nowhere. It can also be tough to save money if you lose motivation, or if you do not have good saving habits. To avoid losing motivation, create a vision board about your dream vacation so you can envision yourself being there. The moment you finally reach your savings goal will be worth it. Every time you put money into your savings jar, the closer you will be to your extravagant getaway.

About the Author: Christina is a guest author from The Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant, a inn and restaurant located in North Carolina.

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