Some Startups to Watch For in 2015

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We’re almost done with our first month of the new year, crazy I know. With a new year there is always an abundance of new startup companies emerging offering a wide variety of new products and services. Here is a collection of some of the best startups that you should be looking out for in 2015.


ZenPayroll is an all automated, cloud based app that offers services ranging from direct deposit to filing government documents. The app is ideal for both employees and employers with its 24/7 online access. ZenPayroll also offers direct charitable giving through its option of ZenPayroll Giving. helps ease a stressful day by offering users with quick meditation training in 2, 10, or 20 minute sessions on their mobile app or website. Everyone could use a few minutes of calm a day and agrees. Users can choose from a selection of nature sounds and follow the narrated session to relax and calm down.


Vicomi is all about the users emotions and what they need at the moment while they are feeling those emotions. Users share their emotional responses to publishers’ content and in turn the site offers content more suitable for their current mood. This allows publishers to give their users more appropriate content as well as gives site owners more insight into what ads benefit from which content.


Welfront is an automated investment service and has over $1 billion in client assets. The company has gotten rid of commissions and maintenance fees, allowing clients to have sole focus on their investments. Wealthfront also monitors ways in which clients can lower their taxes.

Hint Water

Hint Water is all about providing natural water to its drinkers and to eliminate the sugary, preservative filled flavored waters that are currently on the market. Hint Water is zero calories, vegan, gluten free, and has zero diet sweeteners or zero preservatives.

Captain Up

Captain Up works to add a social and gaming layer to sites and apps to increase user engagement. The gaming mechanics used including badges, levels, missions, and rewards increase a site’s viral reach and user lifetime value.


Brayola‘s main goal is to make bra shopping for women easier and more fun. Through their crowdsourced data, Brayola offers bra recommendations to help women find the perfect bra.


CamFind is perfect for finding those random products you see and then want to find a store that sells them. It is a new visual search app in which users take a picture of object they want to know more about. Within seconds, the app will identify the object and deliver relevant web results. The results include similar images, price comparisons, or related places. The app can also identify dog breeds, restaurants, and much more.

About the Author: Jimmy is a guest contributor fromĀ The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), a coalition of area leaders working to improve the Lansing area.


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