Steps to Create a Work Space

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So you’ve got that great new business idea. It’s fresh, unique, and hopefully will make you money. The business plan is set and you partners are invested. It’s time to get to work. But wait, where do you work? Some entrepreneurs might start out in a garage or basement. That’s fine unless you’re okay with numerous distractions and never inviting over clients, customers, or investors. A small business or start up needs a space. Having a simple work space can help your business grow, be efficient, and succeed. Here are 3 easy steps to create a work space for your business.

1. Find a Spot:

This is the first step in starting your business work space. A cost saving option for start ups is to join a business incubator. An incubator is a shared space with start ups that many times have a contract with the incubator to support and develop the business for low cost or for free. Bizdom in Detroit and Cleveland is a great example of a business incubator that can help start ups become successful.

Another option is to share and lease a commercial office space. Sharing a commercial space with other businesses can be helpful by cutting costs and sharing ideas. Plus if the businesses are diverse, your neighbors could be your first customers. A new hipster business location is renovating old homes or buildings to create your business headquarters. This can take more time because the space isn’t move-in ready, but it will give you more creative freedom to make the space your own.

2. Get the Stuff

Now that you have a space you need your stuff. Depending on your business this list might be long or short but the basics are necessary for all businesses. Computers, phone, and internet bundle packages are available from most major carriers and investing in cloud capable computers is a simple way to improve your businesses work flow.

Unless your building provides office furniture, buying used or refurbished furniture is a cost-efficient way to have quality and long lasting products. To give your business a visual appeal to guests and employees, buy posters or trinkets that reflect your business or culture you want to promote. Visual representation doesn’t ensure success, but it can set motivated goals for your company.

3. Use the Space

The most unsettling problem in work space is seeing businesses that don’t use it. Make sure you use your business space to its fullest potential. Host parties, organize business events, and have your business invested into the space it calls home.

Why shouldn’t you treat your work space as home? It’s the home to your business, employees, and materials that make you money. Think outside the box and use your work space to the fullest. Maybe you’ll want a slide in your office?



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