Print is a strange animal as 2014 comes to a close. Much like many forms of physical media, it has diminished and continues to diminish. As mp3s and streaming audio have replaced CDs and cassettes, as Google has replaced the phone book, physical media still lives on and in some cases continues to be big  [ Read More ]

For many people, getting out of debt can be a lifelong endeavor. More often than not, those who accrued debts throughout their lives end up owing money even after they’re dead and gone. Whether it’s to the government, a bank or the student loan department, paying up, either on time or not, is quite difficult.  [ Read More ]

In the industry of helping out other sales professionals, I often find that many of them only tend to sell to one or maybe two individuals in their prospect’s company. Sometimes this is works out just fine with no problems, but most times they are cut out without any warning. They were convinced they were  [ Read More ]

Love may make the world go round, but sales does something important too. I don’t mean that we must all bow down to capitalism, and sales only occur in the corporate world. Selling can be as natural and basic as trying to get your own opinion across to your friends in casual conversation. We all  [ Read More ]