Summer is a time for relaxing getaways to faraway places, romantic destination weddings, and memorable family vacations. Unfortunately, these experiences that may seem priceless often actually come with a hefty price tag. Here are some easy tips to have the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank. 1. Use the web to your advantage.  [ Read More ]

There is no doubt that Binary Options Trading (BOT) is the call of the hour. Many feel that if you want to make some speedy cash and do it from the comfort of your own living room, there is hardly any alternative other than BOT. A quick internet search will reveal many sites about binary  [ Read More ]

Have you ever wondered what it costs to run a presidential campaign?  …ever thought about the dollars and cents (non-sense?) that go into procuring a win…or even a single vote?  It’s pretty shocking to see the amount of money flowing around to win this office.  What else could be done with this money?  What other  [ Read More ]

Throughout history, many forms of money have existed. They range from precious metals to conch shells and from rice to paper currency. In all of human history, there have been a total six types of money. The first to exist was commodity money. This included precious metals, barley, large stones and shells. This was in  [ Read More ]

College is a time when students often rack up loans, work part time, and try to save money. However, the desire to live a little and buy fun things can make saving difficult. Students also start thinking about building credit so they can make important purchases such as a house or vehicle after graduation. The  [ Read More ]