So you’ve got that great new business idea. It’s fresh, unique, and hopefully will make you money. The business plan is set and you partners are invested. It’s time to get to work. But wait, where do you work? Some entrepreneurs might start out in a garage or basement. That’s fine unless you’re okay with  [ Read More ]

With the help of our friends at Ritter’s Printing, a successful Miami printer (website at we’ve assembled some of the best reasons to run a business in the Miami area. Whether you’re thinking about starting up a new business or service from scratch, or transplanting an existing business, one of the first places to  [ Read More ]

One factor shared by all startups and growing small businesses is a need for capital. The more successful a company is after its launch, the more capital it will require. The nature of all business is that growth consumes cash, and fast growth consumes cash fast. Debt, equity, or combinations of both are used to  [ Read More ]