Camping is just as alive as ever, and with summer here, people are hopping in their RVs, taking train vacations, or biking to the campgrounds for some outdoor adventures. Camping is the cheap alternative to hotels and resorts. No expensive stay, bring your own food, and no added costs. What can get pricey, however, are the  [ Read More ]

After a long week of work and stress there’s nothing better than hitting the town with some friends for drinks and food. But where most of the focus is responsibly consuming alcohol, where is the discussion on financially responsibly going out? Even in a cheap place, a couple drinks and a meal can put a  [ Read More ]

Have you ever wondered what it costs to run a presidential campaign?  …ever thought about the dollars and cents (non-sense?) that go into procuring a win…or even a single vote?  It’s pretty shocking to see the amount of money flowing around to win this office.  What else could be done with this money?  What other  [ Read More ]