I’ve been advising investors for a long time. A good percentage of my Boomer clients need help with diversification. Their parents lived through the Great Depression, so many of them inherited a habit of hoarding their assets. This is one of the reasons why the Boomer population has so much of our nation’s wealth. But  [ Read More ]

  RORO, while it may sound like something that Scooby Doo would say, is actually an investment strategy that has been followed religiously by some investors over the last several years. RORO stands for risk on/risk off, and essentially entails investing in risky assets when the economic outlook is good, and then switching to treasury  [ Read More ]

When constructing a stock portfolio, it’s tempting to only pick stocks that have the highest potential return. However, it’s equally important to focus on a stock’s risk. Every stock has exposure to two types of risk. Non-systematic risk includes risks that are specific to a company or an industry. Most non-systematic risk can be eliminated  [ Read More ]

One factor shared by all startups and growing small businesses is a need for capital. The more successful a company is after its launch, the more capital it will require. The nature of all business is that growth consumes cash, and fast growth consumes cash fast. Debt, equity, or combinations of both are used to  [ Read More ]

The process of investing in stocks and watching them increase or decrease can often be quite stressful, especially to those new to the stock market. It’s almost like people wish they could practice buying stocks. Interestingly enough, there is actually a simulator that has been created which reproduces settings similar to the current stock market.  [ Read More ]