Let’s face it, summer is pretty much over. With fall sports beginning and school shopping filling up the weekends, the only full summer weekend left will be Labor Day. So does this mean you should force your vacation time within the next 3 week? No, in fact save your money for a vacation that will  [ Read More ]

Knowing about the “worst” credit card companies gives consumers some insight to help them when choosing one. While it is only natural for any company to receive complaints, a large number of customers filing complaints certainly raise red flags. Customers tend to complain as a result of either party’s failure to manage expectations, or a  [ Read More ]

At some time or another you’re probably going to need a notary public. If you haven’t previously, it can put you in a weird situation. Where do you find a notary public on short notice? If you want to become a notary, how do you do so? Well, here are some answers to common notary  [ Read More ]

With the help of our friends at Ritter’s Printing, a successful Miami printer (website at www.rittersprinting.com) we’ve assembled some of the best reasons to run a business in the Miami area. Whether you’re thinking about starting up a new business or service from scratch, or transplanting an existing business, one of the first places to  [ Read More ]

Steel has been used as an architecture support and as structural material for a variety of buildings for years. Steel has many different physical properties that make it ideal for these kinds of uses. Not until the later part of the 19th century, was Steel made economically in the United States. It has grown in  [ Read More ]

Government bonds were originally created in the late 1600s to cover government expenses and fund wars, paying back funds with a guarantee. They were considered risk free bonds because the government can add currency or increase taxes to redeem them, which gives a sense of security that the bond is effective no matter what happens.  [ Read More ]

All together, there are a total of sixteen different types of banks internationally. The most common ones we use and hear about are commercial banks, community banks and credit unions. Let’s explore credit unions and what they entail. Basically, a credit union is a financial cooperative owned by its members. It is controlled by a  [ Read More ]