Tips to Save You Money on Your Wedding

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As your special day approaches, so does the realization that payments for the caterer, photographer and florist will soon be due. Don’t let the stress of bills get you down when preparing for your day. With some strategic planning, your wedding day can be more cost efficient without cutting out important components of your ceremony or reception.

Avoid Peak Times

Whether this means choosing a wedding in the winter months or avoiding a traditional Saturday wedding, avoiding peak times can save you a lot of money. Friday or Sunday weddings have become increasingly more popular as brides and grooms try to be more financially aware of their big day. November and January through March, while avoiding Valentine’s Day, are off-peak wedding months and many places will have less expensive booking fees for receptions during these months. Avoiding peak times also calls for looking into an earlier wedding. Serving dinner is more expensive than serving lunch or brunch, saving you additional money on catering.

Look at Nontraditional Venues

Country clubs and halls dedicated to holding weddings and receptions are often much more expensive than city-run spaces. Embrace the outdoors with a celebration at a civic garden, a local beach, or even your parents’ backyard. Choose a location that has special meaning to you and your loved one that may not be the traditional wedding venue. Not only will this save you money, but you will have a more personalized wedding that is truly special to the two of you. Keep in mind that when choosing a nontraditional venue, other costs could creep up. If the local beach isn’t designed to hold a ceremony, make sure you take time to budget in costs for moving tables, chairs and other necessary components for your reception or ceremony.

Keep an Eye Out For Sales

Finding your dream dress doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many well-known bridal stores have annual sales with discounts that you can’t pass up. Cutting down the cost of the wedding dress can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Join emailing lists of bridal stores that tour or have special sales so you don’t miss out on these opportunities. If you have a longer engagement, watch out for other annual sales, particularly Easter sales for flower girl dresses or ring bearer suits. Different holidays offer many sales that you could take advantage of for attire and decorations.

DIY Projects

Centerpieces can cut down on costs when they are handmade. Pinterest and other DIY sites offer plenty of options when it comes to making your own decorations. Dabbling in crafts can make your day more personal since you will be adding your own flair to the décor. If making your own centerpieces or other decorations, make sure you start early as to not be rushed and stressed about finishing right before your big day. Working on these earlier can help alleviate additional unwanted stress and the extra costs of having them professionally done.

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