Tips for Saving Up for a Vacation

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Saving up for a vacation can be difficult, and for some, compeltely tiring and seemingly impossible. As a result, many people opt out of vacation and choose inexpensive day trips instead. But money shouldn’t stop you from getting the amazing vacation you deserve. Maybe you want to go to Disney World, or perhaps a relaxing resort and spa–either way there are methods to saving money for big or small trips, even if it seems pretty much pointless.

Open a Savings Account
Open a separate savings account dedicated to putting away money for vacation. If you’re serious about traveling, then be serious about saving the money to do it. This will keep the travel money separate from your primary checking and savings accounts, and ensure that you know exactly what you’re saving and where the money is at all times.

If you decide to open up a savings account, research the bank further to make sure you won’t face any minimum balance fees when you actually begin to spend the money. Makes sure you have ATM and online access to this particular account, so that you aren’t touching your primary accounts while withdrawing or transferring.

Set Goals
Make goals for yourself. What is it you want to do on this trip and how much will it cost you? How much are you willing to spend? Is it in your budget to do so? These are all important questions you will need to sit down and consider.

Set a goal that you will put aside a chunk of money each month or each pay day from your check. Whether it’s $100 or $200, you’ll begin to see that money in your savings grow and that’s when you can begin planning your trip. It takes self-control not to dip into your “trip money,” but just know that it will be all worth it.

Change your Life Style
One of the hardest things to do when saving up for a trip is realizing that you might need to change your life style habits. No one is forcing you to change your habits, but it can be healthier and beneficial for the bank later if you choose to eat in more and go outĀ less. Perhaps give up that gym membership you’ve had for a few years, and start running outside, or invest in a one-time treadmill or weighbench. Instead of getting take out, eat what you have at home instead. It can be hard to do, but changing your life style can be one moreĀ goal to work towards to save money for that long-awaited trip.

About the Author: Paul is a guest contributor for Orchard Inn, an elegant mountain bed and breakfast retreat located in Saluda, North Carolina.

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