Ways to Save Money in Your Wedding Budget

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Today, weddings can be the death of your bank account and creating a budget, while maintaining your vision, can be difficult. There are a variety of aspects to think about when creating your wedding budget from food, to a photographer, and centerpieces. There is no shortage of decorations and little touches that need to be personalized and created to make your dream wedding come true. However, there are a few ways that you can save money while planning your wedding, so you and your bank account can live happily ever after. 

The Venue

One of the most expensive parts of your wedding budget is always the venue. Hotels and banquet halls can charge an arm and a leg for a short reception or ceremony, leaving you with little left over to spend on other important aspects. One way to save yourself money when it comes to your venue is to find a place that offers more than just an empty room. Venues that provide chairs and tables are important, as ordering furniture from a rental company can be pricey. Also, venues that provide food, bartenders, staff etc. are perfect for saving money. This way you’re getting more bang for your buck and you don’t have to outsource all the various components to other companies. Ask the venue right away what other services they provide when meeting with the owner.

The Rings

Every bride and groom thinks that the wedding rings must be extravagant, which only means ridiculously pricey. There is no need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry, while the rest of your wedding budget suffers. One option for wedding rings it to go vintage. You can still find a that stunning, shiny ring but for half the price. Plus your ring will have a pretty story to go along with it when people ask to see your finger. Vintage rings also come in many more styles that are perfect for that unique bride and groom.

Skip Some of The Preliminaries

There are so many parties that occur before the wedding even comes, from bachelor parties to the rehearsal dinner. Save yourself and your guests some money and either combine some of the events or skip them entirely. A wedding shower and bachelorette party for example can be combined. This can help save your guests from having to purchase two separate presents andd a wedding day present, therefore pushing them to make the big day gift a good one. Also, another idea to save you money is having a smaller rehearsal dinner. Rather than shelling out all that money for a dinner before the wedding day, cook at home or do a pot luck.

Your big day should be perfect and everything you’ve always dreamed, so make sure you can afford it and try out some of this budget saving tips!

About the Author: Sandra is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, providing beautiful card boxes for any occasion.

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