Being a guest to a wedding is fun, but it can get expensive when you start to think about it. Before you RSVP to a wedding, as a guest you have to consider a lot of things: bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, an outfit, accommodation if the wedding is far, how you’re going to get there, and the list goes on! According to an infographic provided by, people can spend up to $539 as an average wedding guest. Don’t panic, here is a guide on easy ways that you can save money during wedding season.


  • Buy gifts on the registry as early as possible so that you have more options to pick from in different price ranges.
  • If there is a generic item on the registry, search for that item on another website. The price for the same item could be cheaper somewhere else. Just make sure that you go back to the original registry and mark it as taken so that no one else gets the same gift.
  • Sign up for the mailing list to the store that the wedding couple is registered for to keep an eye out for discounts sent in emails.
  • Check for “hidden money” by looking through your credit card rewards to see if your points could go towards a wedding gift.
  • Re-gift a new gift that you have received two of before.

Your Wedding Look

  • Buy one pair of shoes dedicated for wedding season. Make sure they are comfortable and that they can go with different dresses for different weddings.
  • Trade dresses with friends so that you won’t have to keep buying dresses.
  • Buy a staple dress with the intention of dressing it in different ways. This way, you can wear the same dress to different weddings and no one will know.
  • If you are not in the wedding party, just do your hair and makeup yourself instead of getting it professionally done.

Transportation & Accommodation

  • There are some companies like airlines and hotels that make the rates cheaper when you purchase through a big group.
  • If you are attending a wedding that involves the same friend group, all pitch in for a hotel, rental car, or group flight payment to make it cheaper for everyone to celebrate the wedding.
  • Sometimes the hotel rooms that the wedding couple provides for their guests are still expensive. There are other places to stay at, like Airbnbs.
  • Instead of renting a car, Uber everywhere. Uber with friends to split the costs to make it even cheaper.

About the Author: Claire is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, a company that creates the perfect card box that can be used for weddings, graduations, and more!

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